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You can review features of other paid analytics providers and compare them against our solution. As you can see, iWebTrack came out ahead of them both in all areas including speed, reliability, security, features, price, and information accessibility.

  iWebTrack Hitbox WebTrends OneStat Indextools Clicktracks
Approx. Starting Monthly Price: FREE $34.95 $35.00 $47.00 $49.95 $76.00
True Real-Time Viewing:
Daily Email Reporting:
AIM Robot:
PDA/Mobile Accessibility:
All Features Remotely Accesable:
Free Web-Site Monitoring Included:
Traffic Alerts:
Ad Campaign Tracking URL’s:
Multiple Sites at No Extra Charge:
Does not use Cookies:
Shows Visitor IP Addresses:
Block Specific IP Tracking
Shows Visitor ISP's:
*Group Multiple Dates:
Shows Visitor Paths:
Tracks File Downloads:
*Sales & Marketing Reports:
Statistics Module Display
Export Raw Logs
W3C Compliant
Private Label Reseller Program
Referral Program
All Features Available (same price):

Explanation of the above comparison ...

1. Starting Monthly Price
The price for all 6 of these services compared above will vary based on your usage and is the price for comparative features offered, versus teaser intro prices competitors offer that are not full featured.
2. True Real-Time Viewing
This means that the reports you are looking at are generated by the server at the exact moment you view them. iWebTrack, HitBox, and Indextools work in this manner. WebTrends, ClickTracks, and OneStat are on a delay.
3. Daily Email Reporting
Only iWebTrack allows daily management email reporting of site statistics to as many email addresses you need. Most Competitors don’t offer this feature at any price, and only ClickTracks does at the Server side level for $4000 dollars.
4. AIM Robot
Only iWebTrack offers you instant stats just by sending an AOL Instant Message to our robot, which detects you are approved to get the stats.
5. PDA/Mobile Accessibility
Only iWebTrack offers iWebTrack2Go. This light-weight version of our web interface is designed exclusively for your Palm, iPAQ, Blackberry, cell phone, or any PDA access to the Internet. iWebTrack2Go lets you access your stats in real-time from anywhere!
6. All Features Remotely Accesable
Only iWebTrack gives you every feature accessible online that our competitors reserve for expensive server side enterprise level class to force you to upgrade. We believe in allowing Enterprise Analytics to Everyone at entry level prices. Simply log into your account and get your data from Anywhere!
7. Free Web-Site Monitoring Included
Only iWebtrack gives you this option integrated into your Web analytics package. When your site is down, be notified by email or text message. This feature alone costs $19.95 as a stand alone service, and iWebtrack feels it is so important we include it for Free!
8. Traffic Alerts
iWebtrack Traffic Alerts can monitor your traffic (visitors and page views) and compare it to the average over previous days and alert you based on your criteria.
9. Ad Campaign Tracking URL’s
iWebTrack and Indextools are the only two that can track query string data – This lets you see which specific products your visitors looked at on your site, or if you advertise online iWebTrack will tell you how much traffic you’re getting from your individual marketing sources. HitBox , WebTrends, ClickTracks, and OneStat offer no such feature.
10.  Multiple Sites at No Extra Charge
iWebtrack and Indextools all allow you to manage separate websites under one account. WebTrends will allow you to monitor multiple sites under one account for an additional fee.
11. Does Not Use Cookies
iWebtrack, WebTrends, and Indextools track your visitors without using cookies this is not the case with HitBox, ClickTracks, and OneStat. If a user is blocking cookies (it is estimated that approximately 34% of Internet surfers are now blocking cookies) your data is inaccurate. HitBox, ClickTracks, and OneStat are not able to obtain accurate information about that visitor is cookies are blocked.
12. Shows Visitor IP Addresses
Only iWebtrack and WebTrends show you the actual IP address of every visitor who comes to your site.
13. Shows Visitor ISP’s
iWebTrack, HitBox, WebTrends, and Indextools all show you the Internet Service Providers of people who visited your site.
14. *Group Multiple Dates
iWebtrack, HitBox, WebTrends, and Indextools allow you to combine multiple dates and generate a report based on that data; however, iWebtrack is the only one that includes this feature in a free plan.
15. Shows Visitor Paths
iWebTrack, HitBox, and Indextools all show you navigational paths (“clickstream”) taken through your site. iWebtrack allows you to view the path of a specific visitor to track what that individual person did from start to finish while visiting your site. WebTrends will only show you a trend in visitor paths.
16. Tracks File Downloads
iWebtrack, WebTrends, and Indextools can track files that are downloaded from your site.
17. Sales & Marketing Reports
iWebtrack, HitBox, WebTrends, and Indextools all offer sales and marketing reports; however, only iWebtrack offers this information with all plans. HitBox, WebTrends, Indextools, ClickTracks, and OneStat only offer these with their higher-level plans, which are more expensive.
18. Statistics Module Display
Certain Web-Sites want to be able to display certain web traffic statistics on their site to validate their traffic. This is often used for sites that offer advertising. Only iWebTrack had a specific module with third party validation to display several traffic parameters right on any web-page you choose.
19. Export Raw Logs
iWebtrack offers the ability to export and download the data collected on the server on all plans. WebTrends, HitBox, ClickTracks, and OneStat offer this feature with their higher-level plans, which are more expensive.
20. W3C Compliance
iWebTrack’s tracking code is fully compliant with W3C HTML 4.01 standards.
21. Referral Program
Refer your friends and earn a percentage of what we bill them every month!
22. Private Label Reseller Program
iWebTrack offers an API-based private-label/branded reseller program that lets you resell our service to your customers under your name. Indextools offers a similar program with their Enterprise package, but it is more expensive. HitBox , WebTrends, ClickTracks, and OneStat do not offer this feature.
23. All Features Available
With iWebTrack, your monthly subscription gives you access to every tool we provide regardless of your monthly rate. With HitBox, WebTrends, Indextools, ClickTracks, and OneStat many of the advanced features are only available to higher-level plans, which can cost up to $15,000 per year.
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"The level of detail and ease of use with the system is unheard of at these prices. Not only is the current product great, but there are constantly new features being added providing us with more and more detailed information. Knowing who your customers are and how they found you is imperative for success in the online world, and iWebTrack gives you the tools you need to succeed. I would recommend it to anyone looking to hone their online marketing."

-- Dan Eccleston

"The amount of detailed information that Iwebtrack provides us with makes tailoring our ad campaigns a snap. When we started our Free payday loans campaign we were able to determine if the keywords we were using were converting."

-- Jose Martinez

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